Emergency Supplies

You should also always protect both your health as well as the bird’s health by wearing gloves anytime you are dealing with bodily fluids of any type. So, be sure to keep extra pairs of gloves in your emergency bird care kit as well.


Nonstick Pads
First Aid Tape
Bandage Rolls
Wooden sticks
Cotton Swabs

Heating & Healing Agents

Heating Pad
Heating Lamp
Hot Pack
Hot Water Bottle
Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Rehydration Tools

Feeding Tubes
Avian Rehydration/Feeding Solution
Syringes of Various Sizes
Eye Dropper

Transportation Supplies

Bird Towel
Bird Net
Gram Scale
Travel Carrier

Our Primary Veterinarian

We make every attempt to supply our customers with a healthy, happy bird. We disease test all our breeders for the most common viral and bacterial diseases. We have local avian veterinarians that see our birds when the need arises. We also strongly recommend all new bird owners to establish a relationship with a bird vet in their area, for routine examinations, grooming, and to attend to any medical issues.